Speak at Rust Lang Los Angeles!

When Do Events Happen?

Every Second Wednesday of the month from 8pm-10pm PT

Speaking events for Rust Lang Los Angeles are the second Wednesday of every month. The main event starts promptly at 8pm PT and wraps up by 9pm PT. Networking is encouraged after the event from 9pm to 10pm PT. We also encourage the audience to join us on Slack.

Why Speak?

Each speaker gets some sweet swag* including:

* North America only (sorry, shipping costs). If outside North America, we can send Amazon eGift Card.


You may choose between one of these formats. Typically first-time presenters do a Traditional Talk.

Feature (Full Meetup Length) - 40 minutes
Traditional - 25 minutes
Ignite - 10 minutes
Pecha Kucha - 11 minutes, 40 seconds


If you intend to promote a product, app, service, or technology, be careful. It's important that your talk does not come across as a sales pitch. Consider giving a behind the scenes look at your work or take the audience on your journey that led to where you are now. Feature tours do not make good talks.

The best talks are focused on a personal experience. A great format for this is a three part story:

  1. What did you want and why?
  2. What different things did you try and why? How did that turn out for you?
  3. What did you learn? What surprised you? If you could go back in time, what would you tell yourself before starting?