Past Rust Los Angeles Events

Phil Markgraf
Test-Commit-Revert in Rust with Phil Markgraf
Wednesday March 10, 2021 8PM PT - Watch Recording - Note: due to recording error, the first 10 minutes or so do not have audio, please skip ahead to hear the audio
Learn about the rather extreme, but very interesting Test-Commit-Revert flow as well as code coverage in Rust

Our speaker, Phil Markgraf, does work on Rust in embedded systems, and has led engineering teams for years across a variety of projects including the software that powers critical-care ventilators! His talk will go over concepts from Test, Commit, Revert philosophy.

photo of Cameron Manavian
Cameron Manavian
Wednesday February 10, 2021 8PM PT - Watch Recording
Using GraphQL with Rust and Apollo Federation

In this talk, Cameron Manavian covers GraphQL, Rust Microservices, Federated GraphQL Servers, and Apollo.

No photo available, this is a photo of Ferris the Crab
Jason Byors
Wednesday February 04, 2021 7PM PT - Watch Recording
Rust in Production at City of Los Angeles

Jason will discuss various places Rust is used on the City Planning website including how key libraries are used/configured as well as usages statistics, and how rust held up to various hacking attempts. Jason will also delve into their web assembly apps in more detail.

photo of Cameron Manavian
Cameron Manavian
Wednesday January 13, 2021 8PM PT - Watch Recording
Modern Fullstack with Rust: Writing Reliable Code

In this talk, Cameron Manavian takes a fresh look at the core concepts of Rust and how it relates to fast, memory-safe fullstack web development.

In this presentation we will see how to use a Rust server with a MySQL database, Redis, MeiliSearch, Kubernetes + Docker, and Web Assembly to create a single codebase that can serve rich web applications.

If you are interested in compiling Rust to WebAssembly for reliable code on the Web, this presentation will help you understand the scope and even get started!